Embrace Freedom . . .

After 3 years of vacations and the desire to claim the Land of Enchantment as home, we (Jaiya, Justis and Luckie) arrived in Taos, New Mexico on July 3, 2014.

We [mostly] enjoyed the 1600 mile cross country adventure to the Great Southwest; arriving excited to celebrate our birthdays—Jaiya 7/3 and Luckie 7/7— and to experience the difference between living vs. vacationing in Taos.

On July 9, Luckie “Writing Her Own Rules” Daniels, penned a brief but prophetic She’s Happy Go Luckie! blog post that holds true to this day: FREEDOM! SWEET FREEDOM! DAMN I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!

In Northern New Mexico, nurtured by our beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the Town of Taos, I discovered the most authentic version of myself and a generous community who embraced me and my cute brown kids, with open arms.

New Mexico is and will always be our ♡ home. We invite you and yours out for a visit to see for yourselves what all the sweet hype is about . . .

See you in 2023!

Luckie :|: The Conductor

Artist Props: KING FREEDOM designed by Jaiya Devi The Artist


Our Familia

We are Daniels STRONG. We have overcome our share of life challenges and recognize our experiences have made us who we are today. We are proud of our story and strength.

We are a family deeply connected to the our Ancestry and history. We come by our work ethic, strength and resilient hustle righteously; it’s in our DNA.

Our Grandparents, Willie C. and Fannie Barwick, were Entrepreneurs long before the word existed, at a time when being a “Black Owned” business was a rare find and oft times dangerous circumstance. The Barwick’s refused to accept the status quo of their time and built a family life and community reputation that still stands today.

Willie and Fannie’s only daughter and Luckie’s mom, Gerrie, was equally remarkable; like her father, a true Serial Entrepreneur.

Visit Daniels Family Incubator to learn more about our family’s community work and read Luckie’s Field of Dreams blog tribute, Ode to Gerrie, where she shares thoughts on how our family life and work have been influenced by her mom’s brilliance and entrepreneurial steps.

The Daniels family grind is deliberate and unapologetic, guided by intention and purpose. We are committed to making our gifts work for us as we build legacy individually and collectively to advance the work for the Social Good our Ancestors began.

Our Grind

Luckie, Jerold (aka RDiiO), Justis and Jaiya Devi = THE DANIELS CLAN. We are based in Northern New Mexico and Arizona and bring our diverse skillsets and unique gifts to the mix to provide life-shifting Travel Immersions via ENCHANTMENT WHILE BLACK.

Our passion for EWB comes as no surprise. Since our first vacation in March 2009, when we stopped to take in the Rio Grande River at the old bridge in Pilar, we have been working to share the low-key secret that is New Mexico with as many folks as possible; particularly Brown and Black travelers whose melanin faces remain too infrequently seen in this region of the Southwest.

ENCHANTMENT WHILE BLACK exists to flip that narrative upside down by offering the experience of Enchantment to travelers of color who are curious but hesitant to venture our way. No worries . . . we got you!

Luckie (The Conductor) a Senior Project Manager with 22 years of program and project leadership experience, utilizes her extensive delivery toolkit and seasoned insights to curate travel experiences that satisfy every wanderlust request. She is our Los Alamos and Taos EWB Host.

RDiiO (The Creator) Firstborn is our Sedona and Antelope Canyon EWB Host. Music Producer. DJ. Photographer. Videographer. Graphic Designer Extraordinaire. Our EWB Audio Visual Production POWERHOUSE.

Justis (The Orator) Arabic fluent, Equity Crusader and gifted Musician has Santa Fe Immersions on lock and oversees our ENCHANTMENT ON WHEELS TURO transportation rentals.

We thrive on the power of small teams and trusted partnerships. To enhance every EWB travel experience, we engage New Mexico and Arizona culture and travel SMEs to collaborate with us to ensure every detail is covered and wish accounted for.

Our Adventures

ENCHANTMENT WHILE BLACK curates authentic experiences for travelers visiting Northern New Mexico (Santa Fe, Los Alamos and Taos) and Northern Arizona (Sedona and Antelope Canyon).

EWB is your “boots on the ground”, refining details to ensure your stay with us is EVERYTHING you dreamt of and more.

For the last 13 years Northern New Mexico has been our heart and home. Our expertise is creating transformative, immersive experiences infused with valuable regional knowledge, cultural insights and MANY seasons of enchanted desert discoveries.

2023 :|: Enchantment Our Way

ENCHANTMENT WHILE BLACK 2023 is gearing-up to deliver two (2) XL Seasonal NM Immersions: CELEBRATE FREEDOM (Summer 2023) and TAKE FLIGHT (Fall 2023), in addition to designing a handful of SM-MED Curated Immersions for small team and group visitors.

EWB is a boutique travel service with a laser focus on DETAILS and commitment to providing QUALITY over QUANTITY experiences.

Checkout ASCENSION for more details on EWB’s 2023 happenings and please don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions and/or special travel requests.

Let’s plan a MAGICAL 2023 together . . . 🙏🏿