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Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort. Time To Exhale.

As we ramp-up for our official ENCHANTMENT WHILE BLACK launch at the upcoming NOMADNESS FEST in Newark, New Jersey (September 9-11), the Daniels Clan has been rolling non-stop for the past few weeks; part capturing “a few of our favorite things”, New Mexico style, and part savoring the last days of summer and our collective time together!

Makes total sense that before RDiiO returned to his music production grind in the ATL, our last day hanging out would be spent winding down at Ojo Santa Fe and enjoying a family meal of slamming brisket (Rudy’s BBQ -Justis’ choice)!

We honestly NEVER need a reason to visit Ojo Santa Fe or Ojo Caliente —your choice of soak, hot mineral springs or mud—and look forward to sharing this DIVINE, luxury time-out with our Enchanted guests this coming spring.

Still not convinced? You know the drill, let the images speak for themselves . . .

Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort
242 Los Pinos Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

No more waiting to exhale. Renewal is calling . . . please answer.

– Luckie | Mama Bear. Curator Extraordinaire. Soul + Culture Adventurer.

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