Paseo Pottery - Santa Fe

Paseo Pottery. Get Your Hands Dirty.

It takes a Village. Partnerships with local community generates more than “good karma”. We are the first to acknowledge we hold space on Sacred land belonging rightfully to the Indigenous Pueblo people of this Region; we are guests here. Honoring the land, culture, history and people in our community is ESSENTIAL to living and thriving in the Land of Enchantment.

Simply put, when ENCHANTMENT WHILE BLACK has a resource need, we seek to source and supply it here at home first.

I’ve been seeking a gifted pottery partner for a minute now to collaborate with on an EWB project we’ve talked about for a LONG, LONG time. When ‘luck’ blessed me to discover Paseo Pottery in Santa Fe, I had a feeling this was gonna be really GOOOOOD!

Christopher Southward and Angela Smith Kirkman welcomed us in with open arms and much-needed input on how to make our EWB clay dreams come true!

As we head to the Gallery today to get our hands dirty, taking our FIRST pottery class guided by Christopher, we’re excited to experience a taste of what these Clay Artisans do and to work with them on bringing more GOALDIGGERS to Enchantment.

Paseo Pottery
1273 Calle de Comercio (at corner of Rufina Street)
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Gotta admit . . . I see IMMERSION experiences covered in clay in our [and your] near future! In the meantime, do what we’re doing and come thru, take a class!

On this Enchanted journey you gotta get your hands dirty,

– Luckie | Mama Bear. Curator Extraordinaire. Soul + Culture Adventurer.

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