The Bridge - Enchanted Hustle

Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort. Time To Exhale.

As we ramp-up for our official ENCHANTMENT WHILE BLACK launch at the upcoming NOMADNESS FEST in Newark, New Jersey (September 9-11), the Daniels Clan has been rolling non-stop for the past few weeks; part capturing “a few of our favorite things”, New Mexico style, and part savoring the last days of summer and our collective time together!

Makes total sense that before RDiiO returned to his music production grind in the ATL, our last day hanging out would be spent winding down at Ojo Santa Fe and enjoying a family meal of slamming brisket (Rudy’s BBQ -Justis’ choice)!

We honestly NEVER need a reason to visit Ojo Santa Fe or Ojo Caliente —your choice of soak, hot mineral springs or mud—and look forward to sharing this DIVINE, luxury time-out with our Enchanted guests this coming spring.

Still not convinced? You know the drill, let the images speak for themselves . . .

Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort
242 Los Pinos Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

No more waiting to exhale. Renewal is calling . . . please answer.

– Luckie | Mama Bear. Curator Extraordinaire. Soul + Culture Adventurer.

Paseo Pottery - Santa Fe

Paseo Pottery. Get Your Hands Dirty.

It takes a Village. Partnerships with local community generates more than “good karma”. We are the first to acknowledge we hold space on Sacred land belonging rightfully to the Indigenous Pueblo people of this Region; we are guests here. Honoring the land, culture, history and people in our community is ESSENTIAL to living and thriving in the Land of Enchantment.

Simply put, when ENCHANTMENT WHILE BLACK has a resource need, we seek to source and supply it here at home first.

I’ve been seeking a gifted pottery partner for a minute now to collaborate with on an EWB project we’ve talked about for a LONG, LONG time. When ‘luck’ blessed me to discover Paseo Pottery in Santa Fe, I had a feeling this was gonna be really GOOOOOD!

Christopher Southward and Angela Smith Kirkman welcomed us in with open arms and much-needed input on how to make our EWB clay dreams come true!

As we head to the Gallery today to get our hands dirty, taking our FIRST pottery class guided by Christopher, we’re excited to experience a taste of what these Clay Artisans do and to work with them on bringing more GOALDIGGERS to Enchantment.

Paseo Pottery
1273 Calle de Comercio (at corner of Rufina Street)
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Gotta admit . . . I see IMMERSION experiences covered in clay in our [and your] near future! In the meantime, do what we’re doing and come thru, take a class!

On this Enchanted journey you gotta get your hands dirty,

– Luckie | Mama Bear. Curator Extraordinaire. Soul + Culture Adventurer.


Meow Wolf.

WOW. How am I the only member of my clan who did NOT know ATLien T-Pain filmed a video at MEOW WOLF? Do you know how many times we’ve wished to have Meow Wolf to ourselves to explore and just hangout?

What’s Meow Wolf? An INCREDIBLE, immersive, multimedia, dreamscape experience nestled in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico and now also Denver and Las Vegas.

There is NEVER enough time OR space to fully take in all the surreal experience has to offer. Monday’s impromptu Daniels family time at MW was no exception.

Judge for yourself . . . #ATLiensInEnchantment #NewMexicoTrue

– Luckie | Mama Bear. Curator Extraordinaire. Soul + Culture Adventurer.

Old Bridge - Pilar, New Mexico

Happy Go Luckie.

My introduction to Taos, New Mexico came by way of an ultra-cool, artsy, stranger (Naiima) chatting with me at Caribou Coffee in Atlanta, Georgia. It was February 2011.

Naiima named the piece being worked on, “To Taos with Love”, and when I asked, “what is a Taos?”, she described it as a small, enchanted, dusty Northwest town (not city); tucked inside the Rocky Mountains. An Artist’s dream.

SPIRIT knew. The spark lit by Naiima (she called it KISMET) sent me to the Internet seeking more info about the artistic commune the Sista had described. I decided we (me, Justis and Jaiya) had to travel immediately. It was going to be a April vacation. And yes, I would come to learn NOBODY vacations in Taos during MUD SEASON!

Keep in mind this was the EARLY Google days and pre-vacation rentals. There was no ENCHANTMENT WHILE BLACK to guide my anxious, wanderlust ways!

We were blessed with sarcastic, cRaZy, Hip-Hop loving, blue haired, Amy Ray! A translate, Amy was the only person who responded to my request to book a Casita at the historic, El Rincón Trading Post. Amy was a single mom like me and an example of what TRUE white allies look like. We became fast friends and sisters.

Thanks to Amy and local Taoseños, our first visit to Taos was PURE magic. They advised us, guided us, and even warned us when necessary (fyi: visiting the Gorge Bridge on windy days is a bad idea!:-)

Even driving North from ABQ and stopping at the Old Glen Woody Bridge in Pilar, I told the kids something in my Spirit said I could be happy here. At the time, I was witnessing the slow transition of my Mom succumbing to Alzheimer’s Disease. For me to be happy, and not grieving was new.

When Mom transitioned in the Fall of 2013, Spirit said it was time to make our journey West. In June of 2014, in an overpacked Ford Escort we wandered cross-country 1600 miles to our new home. I even created a blog to timestamp this life moment: She’s Happy Go Luckie

No regrets. The adventures are endless here and our enchanted natural beauty breathtaking. Waking, breathing, living and thriving in New Mexico NEVER gets old.

We offer to you what Naiima and Amy Ray gifted us so many years ago; an opportunity to follow the call of Spirit to explore your wildest dreams in a safe, and welcoming space among family and friends.

I always believe Mama sent me here to heal and find happiness to soothe my Soul in her absence. I remain forever grateful.

To Taos with Love,

– Luckie | Mama Bear. Curator Extraordinaire. Soul + Culture Adventurer.